About Us

Texas Grain Sorghum Producers Board (TGSB) represents sorghum growers across the state by enhancing the sorghum industry through research, promotion and information. TGSB is overseen by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

In July 2008, a new national sorghum checkoff program was implemented, and at this time the TGSB board voted to stop the current state checkoff on sorghum. Sorghum is now assessed through the United Sorghum Checkoff Program (USCP) and TGSB receives 25% of the money Texas collects back to do state and regional research, marketing and educational programs. USCP is an assessment of .006 of the value of the grain at the first point of sale. TGSB works very closely with USCP to make the sorghum industry a more competitive, technologically advanced and sustainable crop for growers across the nation and Texas.

In February 2011, a referendum was held by the growers to voice their opinion on the national checkoff. The referendum passed by 72.6% across the nation and by 91.5% in Texas.