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Preplant and Preemerge Herbicide Options in Grain Sorghum

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Ronnie Schnell, Cropping Systems – Statewide, College Station,


Preplant and Preemerge Herbicide Options in Grain Sorghum

Early competition from broadleaf and grass weeds in grain sorghum can result in yield loss. Use of soil active herbicides applied before planting or before sorghum emergence is critical for effective weed management. Below is a partial list of herbicide options and approximate cost at low and high labeled rates. Prices are for planning purposes only. Actual cost may vary. Always read and follow label directions for specific rates and timing. EPPS = early preplant surface, SPPI = shallow preplant incorporate, PRE = after planting but before crop emergence.

  1. atrazine – (AAtrex, Atrazine 4L)                                                                           $5-10/A
  • 1-4 pts/A, PRE only (TX Gulf Coast & Blacklands only)
  • Lower rates (1-2.5 pts/A) for Pigweed control in other regions.
  • Supplemental Label can be found at:
  • Good control of broadleaves and some grasses.
  • Do not apply to coarse textured soils or soil with less than 1% organic matter.
  • Be aware of rotation restrictions.
  1. saflufenacil (Sharpen)                                                                                             $6-14/A
  • 1-2 oz/A EPPS or PRE
  • Burndown herbicide with some residual activity
  • Good activity on broadleaves.
  • 2-4 weeks of residual, some hybrids may be sensitive.
  1. dimethenamid-p – (Outlook, Establish)                                                                   $11-23/A
  • 12-21 oz/A based on soil texture, EPPS, SPPI, PRE
    • Seed Safener (Concep) Required.
    • Good control of grass and broadleaf weeds.
  1. s-metolachlor – (Brawl, Medal, Dual II Magnum, Brawl II, Cinch, Medal II)                       $10-28/A
  • 1-1.6 pts/A applied EPPS, SPPI, PRE
  • Seed Safener Required.
  • Good control of several annual grasses.
  1. acetochlor – (Warrant)                                                                                           $13-27/A
  • 1.5-2.5 qt/A SPPI, PRE
  • Seed Safener Required.
  • Annual grass control and some broadleaves.
  1. mesotrione – (Callisto)                                                                                           $36-39/A
  • 6-6.4 oz/A EPPS or PRE
  • Good broadleaf control.
  • Add a surfactant or crop oil for control of emerged weeds


Pre-Mixes (products requiring safener (Concep) in red)

  1. dimethenamid + atrazine (Establish LITE, G-Max LITE)                                             $11-23/A
  2. s-metolachlor + atrazine (Bicep II Magnum, Charger Max ATZ, Cinch ATZ) $16-26/A
  3. saflufenacil + dimethenamid (Verdict)                                                              $18-34/A
  4. s-metolachlor + mesotrione (Zemax)                                                               $42/A
  1. s-metolachlor + mesotrione + atrazine (Lumax)                                                           $51/A