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Still “Free” Nitrogen for Grain Sorghum Production: Revisiting Soil Profile N

This tip was provided by: Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, Lubbock, 806-746-6101, Statewide Still “Free” Nitrogen for Grain Sorghum Production:  Revisiting Soil Profile N It has been almost five years since I first mentioned this topic in Sorghum Tips. What has changed?—Nothing! Across Texas crop consultants, producers, AgriLife staff, etc. continue growing awareness of the potential for accumulating nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) in …

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Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials & Selection for 2017

I attended the Amarillo Farm Show on Wednesday. I have about 10 seed company catalogs that include grain sorghum hybrids. At first glance you would not know where to begin if you didn’t have your own track record of preferred grain sorghum hybrids—there are almost two dozen hybrids listed in some catalogs. Many of these catalogs are “national” in that …

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